Solar Eclipse Forecast UPDATE – 8/15/17 (Improving conditions)

With next Monday’s Solar Eclipse fast approaching, the weather continues to trend positively for good viewing in East Tennessee.

The 5AM briefing today shows temperatures in the upper 80s/lower 90s, and a decrease in expected precipitation. Cloud cover is trending down as well.

The Eclipse is scheduled to begin at about 1:30 PM EDT  for most of the East Tennessee region, with Totality coming just after 2:30 PM EDT for Blount, West Knox, McMinn, Morgan, Roane, Loudon, Bledsoe, Van Buren, Polk, Monroe, Meigs, Rhea, and Cumberland counties in the region, with the southern tips of Anderson and Sevier counties also experiencing totality.

Eclipse Path through East Tennessee (NWS Morristown)

If you plan to watch the Eclipse, be prepared for heavy traffic congestion along many major roadways along the path of totality. Also, be sure you use proper eye protection (Licensed goggles are selling out across the region) and prepare for lower temperatures as Totality approaches.

Clingman’s Dome will be closed off to only those who have purchased special passes to see the Eclipse from the highest spot east of the Mississippi River to experience Totality. Passes for the event sold out within minutes of becoming available months ago.

Many areas along the path (including Sweetwater) will have special events and festivals that lead up to the Eclipse. With millions of people expected to travel to locations within the path of totality across the US, expect heavy traffic and congestion along many roadways throughout the region. Plan to leave early if you are travelling to a location within the path.

Below is the PDF from the NWS Morristown for today.


Solar Eclipse Forecast – 8/15/17

We are less that one week from the biggest astronomical event to hit North America in a couple of generations.

The first total Solar Eclipse to cross North America since 1979 will stretch all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, with East Tennessee in the path of totality!

As we get closer to the Eclipse, the forecast is going to be more detailed. For now, the forecast in East Tennessee calls for a modest temperatures and a chance for rain.

Via the NWS Morristown:

The forecast for the Eclipse is beginning to come into the view of the 7 day forecast. For now, will keep things basic with the event still several days away.

Both of our operational models that go out this far suggest a rather typical summertime pattern for Monday with 20-30 percent chances for scattered afternoon showers and storms. Temperatures will start out in the mid 60s to low 70s Monday morning with highs in the mid to upper 80s.

While this may seem unwelcome news, it was better than yesterdays prediction of cloud cover and isolated showers and thunderstorms.

We will try to update daily with the latest forecast as we approach the Solar Eclipse.

A Daily Weather Briefing is available from the Nashville Weather Service office at this link (PDF).