Net Control Stations NEEDED!

East Tennessee SKYWARN is in need of additional volunteers to call the nets as they occur.

If you are interested in becoming a Net Control Station (NCS), please contact Greg Williams, K4HSM.

The only requirements are:

  • A Technician class Ham Radio license or higher
  • SKYWARN Spotter training (or scheduled to take training)
  • Reliable radio setup that can reach the SKYWARN repeaters
  • Available to call a net if needed (we are looking particularly for stations to be available during daytime hours)
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to handle traffic and pass important information to the National Weather Service via phone, internet, or radio traffic.
  • Passion for weather

East Tennessee SKYWARN is a community service and is only affiliated with the National Weather Service. It is not an organization, club or LLC. We report directly to the NWS and operate on repeaters with the owner’s/trustee’s permission. Participants in the nets only need to be licensed and safely monitor weather in their area.

East Tennessee SKYWARN has served the ham radio community in the region for over 20 years. Our nets are monitored by scanner listeners and media outlets across the region.

Again, please contact Greg Williams, K4HSM if you would like to volunteer. Thanks!

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